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The ability to effectively present yourself for social, broadcast and print media requires pinpoint advocacy.

What is advocacy? Advocacy is the ability to persuade an audience and to maintain an argument and deliver your opinion.

Now, a camera, a video and a presentation is a daily occurrence for high-level executives.

What does it take to give a stellar television interview? How can you deal with an intervention during a committee or a scrutiny stage? How do give you delivery a radio interview, or manage any caller on talk radio? What does it take to interview effectively with the press?

Media, advocacy and public speaking coaching, with the skills and the knowledge to plan, execute and deliver effective presentations as well, as providing the opportunity to practice presenting in an environment of peers.

To ensure personal attention, groups are limited to 10,

Individual consultation upon request.

Consultations include:
– Developing your personal signature
– Delivering persuasive presentations
– Questions, interruptions and heckling
– Presentation practice, with immediate feedback one change at a time.

What will you gain from a consultation?
By the end of the consultation you will be able to:

– Plan and prepare a professional presentations that create maximum impact
– Recognise and transform your weakness to strengths
– Manipulate or manage your audience with confidence or guile
– Deliver effective presentations, achieving your desired position.

These consultations are for you, if:
– You feel anxious when speaking before of a room, an audience, on media but are keen to develop your presentation ability

– You’re an elite executive or professional, who needs input delivered discreetly, to tweak a final, vital presentation.

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