The Queen’s Speech – Too Fast Too Furious


We can only imagine what would have happened if Labour had won the election. But, David’s driving now, and Ed’s not even in the car. Ed is waiting at the bus stop waiting to catch a bus back to the backbenches, whilst David’s just driven through a puddle, splashing him. What would the Queen’s speech be like if Ed Miliband was Prime Minister? Close your eyes – imagine it.

One of the plans for Labour was to make way for 200,000 new homes a year as a consequence of the introduction of the Housing Bill. Planning reform and powers to stop developers sitting on unused land-banks were amongst the housing transformation, Attlee style. Regulation of the private rented sectors would have included three-year leases, with rents only rising with inflation.
One statutory instrument could have seen the wipe out of bedroom tax within just one week. Another fantasy bill would have reformed the energy market, temporarily preventing price rises, while the six companies were broken up, no longer acting as wholesaler and retailer.
Zero-hours contracts would no longer have been a thing of the past, but instead, continue with us with the recently elected government. Labour had planned to scrap zero-hour contracts, at least the Conservatives had removed the exclusivity clause in all of them.

It’s time to brace ourselves for what is to come. Are we the crash test dummies for this government? Cameron has written the Queen’s Speech, and now it’s time for the Queen to deliver it. What is Cameron’s ‘clear vision for what our country can be’?
Those of us are looking to see if the car being driven is an 1980’s Ford Escort, so many of these policies have echoes to this time. We will see in-housing, Margaret Thatcher’s infamous right-to-buy scheme extended, meaning England’s 1.3 million housing association tenants will be allowed to purchase their homes with the same discounts offered to council tenants.

We all have families. Some of us have children. So how will our children be affected? If childcare for your children is an idea which you have dreamt about, but never been able to implement, as of tomorrow it may be more achievable than you first thought. The Conservatives have promised to increase the amount of childcare available to parents from around 15 hours a week to around 30 hours per week. As long as your children are between the ages of three and four, then you can benefit from this promise. The issue of child care for some or all of your children is more attainable. This means, those mornings, afternoons or full days spent dedicated to staying at home looking after your children may mean that you can go to work. The government also announced plans for a new schools bill that would include the power to force under-performing schools to accept new leadership and extend the free schools program to create an extra 270,000 places by 2020.This is not Grange Hill as we know it. Mrs McCluskey would be crying at her desk.

The Conservative party has previously committed to create 3 million more apprenticeships with the money raised from lowering the benefits cap from £26,000 to £23,000. Is this going to be the new youth training scheme of this parliament, another echo back to the 1980’s? The priority in this Parliament is the reform of strike laws. Strike action will be forbidden, unless 40% of those eligible vote in favour of a strike. Is this Auf Wiedersehen Pet for Len McCluskey and the other Union Barons?
Those of us working 30 hours a week can rely on Cameron’s promise made in the last days of his fight to keep hold of number 10. Cameron committed to not raising income tax, VAT or national insurance. It is guaranteed, but we may have to wait until 2020 to see these changes implemented. It may even be the final days leading up to the next election when David Cameron again, ‘fires up the Quattro’, outside number 10.
It has been a common, and recent fear among many people that the Queen’s Speech would mark a big demolition derby in British politics. A farewell to the Human Rights Act 1998. However, within 24 hours leading up to the opening of Parliament, David Cameron has announced plans to scrap the estate car of the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British built Bill of Rights vehicle. But this idea has obviously been towed away by his senior members of the government.
And the issue of whether we are going to have a European road trip is clear. The EU referendum is clearly going to be our one and only concern because this is going to shape our economy. The HS2 train project, will be going no where, which many predict will be in isolation if Britain is removed from Europe.


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